Just about Aries 
Aries the Ram
March 21 to April 19
Aries is a Fire Sign

Headwork is the leading factor of Aries sign. Persons born under Aries are keen, creative and highly adaptive but they are also impetuous and headstrong. They are governing by planet, Mars, which adds an aggressive touch to an already active and ambitious nature. Their incessant drive gets them off to a good start on any project but they are apt to become diverted and scatter their further effort. Though quick to anger, Aries people often calm easily. They are naturally humorous and quick of wit. They enjoy music and entertainment. They say the right thing at the right time and as students, they are often keen and have the ability of applying whatever they learn to good advantage. Aries people like new things and have away of rousing and swaying other persons to work along with them. There is a strong ego in the Aries nature, which causes them to become visionary and idealistic, thereby rising to positions of importance and esteem.

Birth Stone 
Power Stone
Red Jasper
Ruling Planet

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